Subject: Your Pigeon Racing Secret Weapon

Is your quality stock just not living up to its name? Are competitors throttling past your pigeons despite expert training and care? It isn’t the fault of your pigeons. Don’t just try to replace them to erase your problems… they won’t simply go away! If this sounds like you, then this may be the most important letter you ever read!

I've been involved in pigeon racing for quite some time now and I can honestly say that there is one thing that many fanciers constantly seem to be overlooking.... Can you guess what that is?

I'm sure by the looks of this site you already have an idea and if you said feeding and nutrition then your 100% correct!

You may even be guilty of it yourself, but don't worry it's no fault of your own, everyone keeps telling you....

"good birds, good birds, good birds.... buy good birds and you'll win races!"

sound familiar?

Well... most of the time it's just breeders trying to sell us their self proclaimed champion birds. Now don't get me wrong starting with good birds is a big part of becoming successful in pigeon racing.

But.... what if those "good birds" aren't properly fueled for the rigors of racing?

Imagine... spending a ton of money on champion pigeons and a ton of time training them, only to watch them fizzle out in the middle of the race or even worse not even clock at all, simply because they weren't properly fueled and didnt have the stamina or energy to finish the race.

All that money and all that time spent... down the drain.

Well... I have good news for you, it really doesn't have to be that way....


Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exoposed
Consider this your secret weapon, we're going to reveal the secrets of feeding and nutrition that will have your birds flying at warp speed.

If your pigeons have been consistently underperforming in recent competition and you’re just not seeing the kind of results you can salivate over then keep reading! We possess the tried and true methods to pigeon racing success.

We’ve been in this EXACT situation, doing everything possible to take our pigeons to the next level. I’ve changed my breeding and mating strategies, designed new lofts, and purchased new stock but still didn’t get the results I wanted.

Sometimes overly complicated solutions are not the way to go! People will tell you to buy new stock to win races but they’re lying to you. It’s not always all about the birds!

Even the best birds will underperform if not handled perfectly!

How can you solve the problem?

After years of diligence I finally discovered the incredibly simple solution to this age old problem! My pigeons were suffering from POOR NUTRITION.

That’s exactly right! Proper nutrition can boost your pigeons’ performance by over 50%! Are you serious? 50%? Can you even imagine what kind of a difference that will make in competition? Your flight will be dominating the competition and outperforming every other bird around.

Don’t waste any more money on loft management or new stock! The potential is all there for the taking, you just need to learn how to TAP INTO IT!

No breeder wants to hear that their feeding regime needs work but it’s the simple truth. Pigeons need a complex diet to perform to their highest potential. Discover the simple secret to unlocking your pigeon’s full potential with the comprehensive guide to pigeon nutrition: Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed.

This manual was developed through years of experience and modified through countless scientific experiments on pigeon and avian health.

Want the secrets to raising the fastest pigeons on the planet? Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed is your answer!

Learn everything there is to know about....
Your Pigeon Racing
Secret Weapon

  • We are going to show you what many fanciers overlook and give you an edge over your competition.

  • How to seperate yourself from your competitors by properly fueling your pigeons and give your birds a head start in their next race.

  • Advanced Nutritional Information…

  • Boost Your Pigeons to Peak Physical Condition and Maximize Your Pigeon’s Championship Potential in Days without Changing Your Loft Management or Training and Conditioning Rituals

  • Learn the Winning Secrets of Veteran Pigeon Trainers and Tap Into Your Flight’s Full Potential
P.S. This life-changing manual provides all the nutritional secrets to maximize your pigeon’s potential. Turn your pigeons into champions and watch as they become better, stronger, and more focused than ever before.

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  • Healthy Pigeon Development

  • Optimal Mating Diets

  • Performance Foods

  • Enhancing Focus

  • And much, much more!
Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed provides everything you need to stop being a second tier fancier. Elevate performance and turn your pigeons into unbeatable competitors.

And How Do You Know These Secrets Really Work?

I’ve been studying racing pigeons and champion fanciers for a while now, seeing everything there is to see about the sport and learning the ways of pigeons inside and out. I eat, sleep, and dream pigeons and through the years I’ve developed an expansive understanding of the best diet practices.

I’ve learned to maximize my pigeon’s potential and I’ve trained some of the greatest birds on the circuit.

Utilizing up-to-the-minute avian research and winning strategies by champion pigeon fanciers around the world, this manual contains all the relevant information a fancier will ever need to raise the healthiest, strongest, and most competent pigeons imaginable.

Use the same information employed by the best fanciers around the world. They’ve used this nutritional information to take them to the top; why shouldn’t you?

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Apply our methods and watch as your birds....
  • Perform Better

  • Look Healthier

  • Resist Disease

  • Dominate Competitions
Get the results you always dreamed about
with this comprehensive manual....

Learning about proper nutrition information will make your pigeons perform better than ever before! A properly fed pigeon will experience a diminished focus on survival and exert all attention toward reaching its destination. In other words, well fed pigeons win competitions.

Malnourishment leads to memory loss, fatigue, and loss of weight. Avoid these problems with a proper nutrition regime!

With this manual you’ll get all your pigeons back in tip-top shape and healthier than you’ve ever seen them before.  Don’t just win races… embarrass the competition.

But don't take my word for it, see what other fanciers have to say about Nutrition Secrets Exposed....
" I didn't know how important nutrition was to my birds, until I read Pigeon Nutrition Secrets Exposed"
The one underlying factor in racing that any successful fancier needs to be familiar with.

The best diet and nutrition regimine possible so that your birds are at their best come race day.

What energy sources will gain the maximum from our birds.

What energy systems are used during the rigors of racing and how to get the best nutrition balance to supply energy for the race duration.

The fuel requirements for pigeons in training.

How to create "positive energy balance" in your pigeons during training and racing and how to avoid "negative energy balance" which renders a race team less competitive.

Signs to look for that your birds are suffering from "negative energy balance"

Special attention you must pay attention to during young bird training to prevent depletion of energy reserves in the liver and muscle.

How to achieve "bouyancy" in your birds and why bouyancy is so important for success.

How to maximize lean body mass (i.e. muscle) and minimize body fat.

How to avoid muscle fiber breakdown, which can seriously harm and permanatley damage your birds.

What the difference is between "anaerobic" and "aerobic" energy systems and what you need to know most.

The things you REALLY need to know about carbohydrates, proteins, fats and amino acids that will help ignite your pigeons inner furnace.

The "energy depletion timeline" that our birds bodies go through during racing and how we can counteract it with proper nutrition.

and that is only the tip of the iceberg!...
Here is just some of what you'll learn inside Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed...
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So you may be asking yourself....

Is nutrition really that important to my birds?

First off, the answer is "yes, big time", but let me illustrate it for you so you can better see why nutrition is not only very important to our pigeons but to performing like champions as well....
In the photos above, on the left you'll see Micheal Phelps who is a champion swimmer and has 13 career Olympic gold medals just to name a few of his accomplishments. On the right you'll see
Mr. Couch Potato, so what's the difference between the two?

Nutrition of course, while Micheal fuels his body with a low fat, high protein, high carb champion diet to help fuel his body for battle, the couch potato consumes a diet of chips and beer. Whats the outcome? Micheal is a 13 time Olympic gold medalist and Mr. Couch Potato doesn't do much of anything.

But thats not the only example....

The same goes for these Champion Racing Greyhounds....
....and these Champion thouroughbred Race Horses....
Do you think Racing Pigeons are any different?....
Their not....

So while the champions consume a high energy, champion diet that allows them to perform at their peak physical level, the others..... well... just like Mr. Couch Potato, they don't do much of anything.

and thats exactly what Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed will show you!.
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" This book is incredible.... I highly recommend it"
*Please Note* This is a digital product
*Please Note* This is a digital product
Click the play button below to see what John had to say about Pigeon Racing Nutrition Secrets Exposed.
"This book was absoluetly cram-packed with information.....
It has really opened my eyes on feeding and nutriton for my birds...."