Attention All Pigeon Fancier's

We want all pigeon fancier's to succeed!

In order to succeed and get the most out of pigeon racing and all the information you will read you really need to understand what you are reading.

A dictionary is a very important tool for anyone who is learning and wants to be successful in a new subject and pigeon racing is no exception.

But up until now there hasn't been anything to satisfy the pigeon community.

So today I'd like to introduce to you....
Fast Action Bonus #1 : The Pigeonary: Elite Edition
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The Pigeonary
Dictionary created specifically for the pigeon fancier by the pigeon fancier.
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The Pigeonary is a complete collection of all the important pigeon racing terms and definitions that any pigeon fancier needs to familiarize themselves with.

If at any point you come accross or hear a word at the club that you don't recognize you can easily refer back to the Pigeonary for a detailed definition.

In every successful person's library lies a dictionary....

and in every winning facniers loft lies a Pigeonary!

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Over 250 pigeon racing terms complete with detailed definitions.

The biggest,  most complete pigeon racing pigeonary available.

Easy reference, table of contents

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Dictionary created specifically for the pigeon fancier by the pigeon fancier.

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The Pigeonary is a fantastic addition to any fancier's library, extremely informative and highly recommended!!
-Dominick G, Coop Deville Lofts