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So If you ever wanted to be a winning pigeon racer, breed champion birds and finally stop wasting all of your time and money then you need to read this entire page right now.

The Truth is...

It's difficult to race pigeons... more often than not, the same few people rank in races, while other pigeons consistently fail.

While many people think that this is just the 'fates' acting their will, there are tried and true techniques for pigeon racing.

In order to have a truly exlempary racing pigeon, you must have the entire process streamlined and exact. First, you must breed a good bird. Then you must train the bird to be a proper racer.

You must make sure your bird is in perfect health.

And then, finally, you must have a racing strategy that ensures you win.

Unfortunately, the winners keep these secrets to themselves, not wanting to share the spoils of their efforts.

That is, until now....
It seems that the only people (and birds) that win pigeon races are those that have been in the game forever.

They're the ones with years of experience with pigeons, racing in hundreds or even thousands of races.

And they all seem to have one thing in common -

...they don't like to share their winning secrets with anyone.

I can understand this, and I'm sure you can as well. Chances are that when they started out in pigeon racing, they weren't given any special tips or techniques to ensure they were good racers.

Instead, they had to try something to see if it would work... and if it didn't they'd have to start again from scratch. As I said, I can understand why they wouldn't want to share.

However, if you're new to pigeon racing, then you understand how difficult it is to have a winning bird.

From breeding to training, pigeon racing is a time and money intensive process which doesn't always pay off.

It can be a frustrating process, to say the least. Especially if you don't have anyone to help you see the errors. It's all guess and check, guess and check.

When, in an ideal world, you'd have someone help you to see your errors, and give advice on modifying your technique. But the old timers aren't going to do that, are they?

How much better would your pigeons race if..
You knew exactly how to breed a bird for prime racing condition?

You knew what to feed a bird to give it optimal racing health?

You could spot a winning bird a mile away?

Your birds shaved seconds off their times during races, each and every time they raced?

You knew what items were ESSENTIAL in your pigeon loft, and what items you're wasting your money on?

You knew how to make the weather work for you - no matter rain or shine?

You knew the secret to make your pigeon trap after EVERY race?
These are just some of the tips the old-timers hide from new fanciers everyday.

Now You will Finally Learn The Exact Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Strategies The Champion Pigeon Fanciers Are Using Each and Every Day To Consistently Win Races!

The winners have been keeping their best racing techniques secret for years - and that's why they're constantly winning. They've taken the time to try out a technique, test it for improvement, and improve it. Over time, they've created award-winning strategies to win pigeon races.

You can use these same award-winning strategies, too.

Make no mistake, changes will not come over night.

You'll have to work hard to get your pigeons into top racing form.

But, since you're a fancier, you're no stranger to hard work.

You're willing to go the extra mile, and with the right information and know-how, you'll be able to turn a losing pigeon into a winning pigeon - every time.

And, when you have the know-how, you'll be able to spot a good pigeon a mile away, by looking for items such as:
The Breeding of Pigeons - and how to tell if a pigeon will be a good racer by who its parents were and how they were bred.

The Health of Pigeons - how to tell a healthy from a diseased pigeon, and what kinds of problems cause irreparable harm to the pigeon and it's racing ability.

The Feeding of Pigeons - what the tell-tale signs of good nutrition are, and how to ensure that your pigeons are at their peak of health at all times.

The Training of Pigeons - how to condition your pigeons for race day using tried and true techiques.

The Racing of Pigeons - how to prepare your pigeon for each and every race, and tell if their form is correct and if you can create a winner out of your bird.

And so much more!
Pigeon races don't have to be dominated by the champions any longer!

Soon, you'll also have the tools and information to raise and race award-winning pigeons, without years of experience!

Now it's Your Turn To Learn From An Experienced, Winning Fancier and Start Winning Races!

My name's Dominick, and I was once just like you: new to pigeon racing, and with no one to help me.

In fact, it seemed like every time I asked for tips, an old timer would laugh in my face. Or give me bad advice. Or a bit of both.

So I learned on my own, gleaming bits of information here and there from the nicer old timers. I'd try a technique, keep tedious track of my results, and then tweak my technique to improve my pigeon's performance.

I've got to tell you: it was a nightmare. I literally spent thousands of dollars, and decades of my life, trying to figure it all out.

From breeding and training, to lofting and racing, there are thousands of modifications that I made over the course of the years.

It didn't matter what I did, I felt as though I was walking in the dark with no light and no direction.

I just couldn't figure it out!

I continued to do poor in every race I entered, I had the worst record in my club and combine and I lost birds on a daily basis, all while spending dollar after dollar trying to get it right.

I was completly frustrated and ready to quit

Until I met Bob...

Bob was the most experienced and decorated fancier in my club and has accomplished just about everything any fanciers could ever want in this sport.

He has won numerous races and dominated every club and combine he has ever flown with. Bob has also breed and sold multiple champion birds over the years for hundreds and even thousands of dollars, which their offspring continue to dominate today!

Bob noticed how frustrated I was getting (and how bad I was doing) and didn't want to see another fancier quit the sport, so he took me under his wing.

Bob showed me everything he had learned over his decades long career in the sport and gave me his exact winning racing system that he personally uses in his own loft.

I did everything Bob told me to do and followed his blueprint step-by-step. I soon began to totally understand this sport.

Bob's Pigeon Racing Blueprint Changed My Life!

I rarely lost birds during training and I soon began to place in the top of the race sheets.

I went from never winning a single race to this...
I just knew that so many other fanciers were struggling just like I had been before Bob mentored me and taken me under his wing.

And I knew that if I were able to get this information out to those fanciers then they would surely stay with this sport, and help the sport because of it.

And I understood I needed to share this information. Fanciers need to know this information; it shouldn't be guarded by the elite few... what fanciers need is a Pigeon Racing Blueprint.

So after some very difficult convincing (and a steak dinner) Bob finally agreed to help a few more fanciers and let them get their hands on his winning system.

Pigeon Racing Doesn't Have To Be A Loosing Sport Anymore!

And Now Becoming A Winning Fancier Won't Take You A Lifetime To Accomplish Either.


Pigeon Racing Blueprint
This is the same exact blueprint that Bob had given me that allowed me to go from never winning a single race to completly dominating at my club and combine!

No matter if you're racing pigeons a hundred or five hundred miles, there are essential tactics you need to ensure that your birds win.

For a long time, these techniques have been hidden away by the winning fanciers.
They hide them because they don't want you to win, they're afraid if you knew the tricks that you would beat them every time.

That may be true... but it's time to level the playing field.

The Pigeon Racing Blueprint is designed to help you get the very best from your racing pigeons in each and every race.

It will show you the ins and outs of pigeon racing, so you can understand all facets of the sport including:

How to Motivate Your Pigeons - and what tricks you can use to ensure that your birds are flying straight to the end of the race as quickly and effeciently as possible.

The Various Types of Racing Systems - and once you know the positives and negatives of each system, you'll get the tools to choose the best one for your needs AND your birds

How to Prepare Your Birds for Races -  Learn how much you should train your birds, how much you should rest your birds and how much you should feed your birds, so you can get your preparation plan down to an exact science.

Why Trapping Is So Important - and how to ensure that your birds are clocked as soon as they are trapped so you don't lose valuable seconds from your time.

What to Do When You Return from a Race - Small tricks to ensure that your birds recover quickly and maintain their form throughout the racing season.

Why Quarantining Late Birds are Essential - and other tools to ensure that your entire flock stays healthy and their immune systems strong

How To Rebuild for the Next Race - and how to tell if your birds are in proper condition to keep racing soon depending on how the race went, what their health is, and a host of other factors.

How Small Things Have HUGE Detrimental Effects on Your Pigeons - and how things like cell phone towers, ultraviolet light changes, and the weakening of Earth's Magnetic Field disrupt Pigeons.

How To Manage a Racing Team - how to create systems, deal with injuries, birds losing motivation, and how to split your flock so you can always have flying birds.

... and so much more!
The Pigeon Racing Blueprint is divided into four modules, so you can learn time tested techniques about each aspect of the sport:
In this module you will learn:

  • Bob's exact winning pigeon racing step-by-step system that he uses in his own loft.

  • Race day preparation and why it’s so important

  • Proper trapping and clocking techniques, the lessons learned here can literally be the difference between winning and loosing.

  • Race team management, how to properly manage a winning race team. You’re the coach and your team is only as good as it’s leadership!

  • And much, much more!
In this module you will learn:

  • Training and Conditioning strategies that will help you to get your birds strong and ready for race day.

  • Tossing and Efficiency training, you will learn how and when to properly begin tossing and training your birds.

  • Race variables and motivation, you will learn how to build “the love of the loft” into your birds and motivate them to fly home at lightening speed. As well as how to properly adjust for race-day variables like weather and wind!

  • And much, much more!
In this module you will learn:

  • The art of selecting and pairing, Bob shows you how to properly select and pair your breeders so you get the best chance of breeding future champions.

  • Things to consider and look for when evaluating your breeders. Just looking at the pedigree is not enough!

  • Genes and Genetics, you will learn how to use genetics to isolate the good qualities in your birds and breed out the bad!

  • And much, much more!
In this module you will learn:

  • Classifying injuries and what actions you should take to get your birds back into peak physical condition.

  • Bob’s personal health regimen, that he personally uses in his own loft with his own champion birds.

  • Helping the molt, you will learn why the molt is so important to your pigeons and how it can effect the next racing season and what you can do to help your birds

  • Biosecurity and how to protect your birds from biological threats!

  • And much, much more!
The Pigeon Racing Blueprint is everything you need to help turn you into the champion you want to be!
Winning Races is Only A Click Away! But, Don't Take My Word For It - Read What Other Fanciers Are Saying About The Pigeon Racing Blueprint...
Winning Health Blueprint:
This is Bob's exact health blueprint that helps him ensure that all his birds remain in top form. Any successful fancier knows that health is probably THE most important thing to becoming a successful pigeon fancier. An unhealthy bird will NEVER be successful and the same goes for fanciers who don't put health a top priority in their loft.
Winning Breeding Blueprint:
In this module you will learn Bob’s entire blueprint for breeding winning birds. All aspects of breeding are covered here, including selection process, pairing, evaluating breeders, breeding systems and strategies, and more. This information is absolutely VITAL if you intend on racing pigeons for any length of time.
Winning Training Blueprint:
In Module 2: Training you will learn Bob’s entire “Confidence Training Method" which gives you an exact blueprint to follow leading up to race day. If you've ever wondered about road training, tossing, race variables, and record keeping, then this module will definitely shed some light for you!.
Winning Racing Blueprint:
This module was created to teach you every aspect of racing and take you from A to Z through the entire process. From loft management and motivation to racing systems and conditioning everything needed to become successful in racing is covered in this module.
"...The Pigeon Racing Blueprint was exactly what I needed!..."

"I can't speak for everyone but for me The Pigeon Racing Blueprint was excactly what I needed!
I imediatley implemented what I learned after reading it and already see a difference in my birds.

I highly recommend it!"
"...The Pigeon Racing Blueprint helped me immensly..."

"My father got me interested in pigeon racing and he actually was getting a kick out of how terrible I was doing.
I couldn't wait to beat him and be able to rub it in his face!, The Pigeon Racing Blueprint helped me immensly. I was soon kicking my old man's butt and it was great! he even began trying to ask me for advice.
"...a fantastic resource for any fancier..."

"I have been racing pigeons for over 40 years now and in my own opinion I think I'm a very experienced fancier. I picked up The Pigeon Racing Blueprint just to browse through and see what it was all about and I have to say that it is a fantastic resource for any fancier at any experience level!."
"...no more lost birds..."

"Before going through the Pigeon Racing Blueprint I was loosing birds at a rediculous rate. and now I'm happy to say that because of it I have no more lost birds!

I deffinetly recommend it to anyone"
"...The Pigeon Racing Blueprint was like having my very own winning mentor..."

"I absoluelty love The Pigeon Racing Blueprint, for someone like me it was perfect!. I entered this sport on my own with no support system at all and noone to ask for help or guide me."
"For me the Pigeon Racing Blueprint was like having my very own winning mentor take my hand and guide me through the entire process."
"...The Pigeon Racing Blueprint helped turn me into a real cometitive force..."

"Like most fanciers in this sport, I have experienced many up's and down's but unfortunatly mostly downs. The Pigeon Racing Blueprint helped turn me into a real competitive
force within my club and now I am placing consistently at the top of the race sheets and has turned me into one of the major players in my club and combine. I can't thank you enough!
Becoming a Champion Pigeon Fancier Is Within Your Reach
These are the untold racing strategies that the winners never wanted you to know... these are the secrets that long-winning champion pigeon racers have been keeping to themselves.

You want a level playing field, and learning the tricks winning fanciers has never been easier.

With The Pigeon Racing Blueprint, you'll learn:

How to Develop a Racing Partnership - so you can share the responsibility and the rewards of having a successful pigeon racing team.

Proper Record Keeping Techniques - and how keeping breeding records, racing records, and season records will help you ensure you keep a healthy bottom line.

Electronic Clocking Systems - their pros, cons, and how RFID chips can change the very landscape of pigeon racing in your favor.

How to Toss Your Pigeon - and how you can train your birds to fly individually when tossed, instead of just following a leader.

All About Flag Flying - and how to take your loft flying birds beyond just loft flying and into championship form.

When to Train - and why it's best to train your pigeons at certain times to ensure they'll always be ready to win the race, no matter what the race setup is.

All About Mid-Season Training - and how to tweak your perfomance without overexerting yourself or your birds.

How To Practice Smart - a step-by-step guide to ensuring that your pigeons get the most out of each practice session and shave seconds off their times.

... and so much more!
The techniques outlined in this unprecedented system are designed so you can create a winning team, from the ground up. These techniques, which have been held in secret for so long, are the techniques of champion financiers.

Myself and countless others use these tools to create a system of excellence within our teams, enabling us to shave precious seconds off our racing times and have our birds perform at peak excellence every time.

It's because of my experience with these techniques that I'm giving you an unprecedented guarantee.

If for any reason you're unhappy with this product, return it for a full refund within 60 days. No questions asked, no partial refunds. If you're not happy - I'm not happy.

But, you won't be unhappy. You'll soon see these tips in action and see real results in no time at all.
I wanted to do something really special for you!

And OFFICIALLY make this the most complete Race-Winning pigeon racing system EVER!!

So, I asked Bob one simple question…

What is the one thing that ALL champion fanciers have in common?

And he told me…

They ALL keep great records!

So to make this the most complete, race-winning blueprint ever I have added a very special Insider Bonus to help you with your record keeping and help you keep track of all the vital information your going to learn inside the Pigeon Racing Blueprint just like the champions do.

Along with The Pigeon Racing Blueprint system I am going to give you 8 of the most important loft managment templates you will ever need!. Simply print them out and put them to use in your own loft.

Pedigree Template - With this pedigree template you will be able to keep track of your pigeons ancestry and record 4 generations. This template is a must for breeding and selling your soon to be champion birds.

Breeding Template - As you will learn in The Pigeon Racing Blueprint, one of the keys to breeding champion birds is keeping great records of your breeding efforts. The Breeding template will allow you to keep close track of all your breeding in one simple format.

Nestcard Template - The nestcard template is designed to help you keep track and record each of your nestboxes and the birds who reside there. Simply print out and attach to each nestbox to keep close track of all your birds.

Race Record Template - The Race Record template will help you follow your birds progress in races. This will easily allow you to keep track and pick out only your best performing birds.

Training Session Template - What good is training if your not continuing to better your results? the Training Session template will allow you to keep close track of all your training sessions and which birds are doing the best.

Wall Chart Template - The Wall Chart template easily allows you to keep tally of all the birds in your loft in one simple chart.

Young Bird Record Template - Keeping track of all of your young birds is easy with the Young Bird Record template.

Race Team Roster Template - Once you have trained your birds and picked out the best-of-the-best and put together your champion race team, the Race Team Roster Template will help you easily keep track and analytics of your race team.
Here's what you'll get...
NOW You Have Everything You Need To Start Winning Races and Become A Champion Pigeon Fancier!!

So, how much is all of this winning information and support worth to you?

To me it was priceless!, prior to meeting Bob I was loosing birds every training session, I never cracked the race sheets let alone won a single race and my very first year in the sport I basically flushed $5,392 down the toilet! just to do it all over again the very next year.

Not to mention all of the hours and hours I wasted just spinning my wheels and getting frustrated.

Bob has also spent thousands and thousands of dollars and decades of his life perfecting this system.

So asking $1,000 or more for this system and bonuses would be totally worth it!

But Bob knew that $1,000 or more would be way out of reach for most fanciers.
Heck! Just the sport alone is expensive enough!

So he wanted to make it affordable for all fanciers but didn’t want me to just give it away to just anyone…

He asked that it only get into the hands of only a few serious fanciers!

Even though it's worth every penny because of all the time, money and frustraion you are going to save, $1,000 was just out of reach for most fanciers.

I convinced Bob to cut that in half and sell his decades of experience and knowledge for $497 thats over 40 years of knowledge and a proven perfected winning champion system for the price of a couple of birds and some feed.

But after thinking about it, preserving the sport was more important to Bob then the money, he really wanted to help the sport and give others the same guidance and chance that he had gotten from his father and grandfather as a boy.

He told me that in order to keep the integrity of his system that if he were to lower the price then I would also have to limit the number of fanciers who could get their hands on it. So he decided to practically give his system away to only a select few fanciers for only $197.

So for those fanciers who are not Pigeon Insider members if they wanted to get their hands on Bob's winning system they would have to pay a minimum of $197 and thats without the Loft Managment Templates Bonus.

Because I have such a great relationship with Bob I asked him if he could make an exception and do something really special for my Pigeon Insider members only. So after a long conversation Bob decided that he would allow me to give his system to only a few lucky Pigeon Insider members for only $47 and because I wanted to make it the most complete race winning system ever I included my special Insider Loft Managment Bonus at no extra charge.

So if you order today you will get Bob's winning Pigeon Racing Blueprint system complete with his Racing, Training, Breeding and Health modules as well as my 8 insider loft management templates for only $47.
Like I said before Bob told me that he only wanted his system to get into the hands of only serious fanciers!

And he also wanted to make sure that his system stayed exclusive and only got into the hands of just a select few.

So, because of Bob’s wishes I have to limit the amount of fanciers who can get in and will only be allowing just a few fanciers to take advantage of this offer.

And once that small number of fanciers has been reached this offer will be taken down!

We also wanted to be fair and give everyone a fair chance to take advantage of Bob’s system so this offer has been sent out to over 14,000+ fanciers.

So, stop wasting your time on pigeons that aren't winning and learn how to build and train a real winning racing team. Purchase The Pigeon Racing Blueprint to become a CHAMPION PIGEON FANCIER Today, before it's too late!

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Chris & Bob

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The Pigeon Racing Blueprint is a digital product and can be accessed instantly after purchase
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