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Dear Pigeon Racing Fancier,

Since modern pigeon racing originated in mid-19th Century Belgium, the sport has continued to grow in breadth and scope.

Exhibition Homers. European Olympiads. Show Racers.

In fact, pigeon fanciers now include the rich and the famous. Mike Tyson. Queen Elizabeth II. Paddy Ambrose.

Pigeon racing may not garner national attention on television. It may not generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue. But the sport provides its champions with well-deserved bragging rights and coveted financial awards.

Over the years, training methods within the sport have become varied as the birds themselves.
Widowhood. Old Bird Natural. Darkening. Jealousy.

And pigeon racing fanciers worldwide join in a quest to understand and master the best training methods for their own flock.

They search for the most helpful tips. They hunt for the best systems. They hope to stumble across the training and racing secrets of champions.

But champions in this sport guard their secrets closely. They are reluctant to share the hard-won details of their success.

And those looking for the right way to train and race remain in the dark.

That is, until now....

I’ve collected secret of the sport’s biggest champions and compiled them in this book, Winning Pigeon Training and Racing Systems Revealed.

So you don’t have to search any longer.
“This Comprehensive Guide Uncovers All the Techniques Behind the Most Successful Pigeon Training and Racing Systems”

Winning Pigeon Training and Racing Systems Revealed explains all the major racing systems. Widowhood. Double Widowhood. Natural System, Jealousy, Darkening.

These are the same systems champion pigeon fanciers use to dominate the race sheets season after season.

Once you understand how to implement these techniques:
You can win more races

You can be more successful

You will know what the champions are doing, and you can do the same

Winning Pigeon Training and Racing Systems Revealed explains weekly preparation activities and strategies. You will know exactly how to prepare your birds.

You will learn young bird systems and old bird systems.

You will know how to make your birds fly home faster.

Winning Pigeon Training and Racing Systems Revealed teaches you proven motivation techniques and strategies, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

You will make informed decisions about your training systems; decisions that will help you win.

You will be empowered with the secrets of champions.
“But This is More Than a Totally Comprehensive Guide to Pigeon Training and Racing Systems”

Being a successful pigeon fancier requires more than just knowing how to train your birds. You need to understand how to take care of them as well.
You have to understand their diet

You have to know how to handle problematic situations

You need information regarding their health, so you can recognize potential warning signs

Because you need all of these things, Winning Pigeon Training and Racing Systems Revealed provides more than an in-depth guide to training success. It reveals more than just the secrets of champion pigeon fanciers.
“It Provides You With All the Secrets of Winning, Then Spells Out a Complete Care and Feeding Program”
Not only will you learn the secrets that will help you win at pigeon racing, but you’ll have a complete program for the care and feeding of your birds.

You’ll have proven tips to guide you through:
Everything from roof construction to the perches inside and the floors beneath. You’ll know how to create a proper home for your champion birds.

Health Concerns
How to handle waste and avoid illnesses that could risk your entire flock.

Treating Common Illnesses
How to eradicate parasites and prevent your birds from developing a resistance to the most effective drugs.

Dietary Concerns
You’ll know how to keep your pigeons healthy and in prime racing condition.

Detailed Daily Schedule
Not only will you know when to feed and exercise your birds, but you’ll have a complete schedule – a chart of exactly what to do and when – for the days before and after racing and shipping your birds.

In other words, you’ll have everything you need to raise and show a successful flock.

“Although the Secrets That Will Make You a Successful Pigeon Fancier Are Valuable, Don’t Confuse Value With Price”
There is no disputing that all the information provided in the comprehensive guide is valuable.

  • What could be more useful than answers to all your questions about raising birds?....

  • What could be more reassuring than knowing you’re doing things the right way?....

  • What could be worth more than knowing the secrets to success?....

But don’t confuse all that value with price.

While all the value contained in Winning Pigeon Training and Racing Systems Revealed is huge, the price isn’t. You can have your own copy today for only:
Winning Pigeon Training and Racing Systems will provide you with:
The secrets of champion pigeon fanciers

A comprehensive training guide

A step-by-step plan for the care and exercise of your birds
This isn’t some book of unproven theories. It’s a comprehensive guide to the techniques used by winners, and it’s everything you need to follow in their footsteps.
60-Day Money Back Guarantee

In fact, I’m so confident you’ll be happy with Winning Pigeon Training and Racing Systems Revealed, I’m offering a 100% refund if you’re not absolutely satisfied.

Examine the secrets and solutions in this guide for two whole months, and if you don’t agree that it is full of valuable information that can help you win, I’ll send a complete refund – no questions asked.
“You Don’t Need to Remain in the Dark Any Longer”
Until now, the techniques of champion pigeon fanciers have been closely guarded secrets.

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See you at the races.
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